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so i am back at work after almost 2 weeks of annual leave.
-work has now put me back on day shifts for a month...

i went back to Adelaide, for my father's birthday. thou this time i went alone.
things didn't go as bad as i had though they might. which is a relief.

being bored at work, led me to create a Facebook and MySpace account. eek :/
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So its been a little over 2 years since i have been back to Adelaide, and now going to try to get back 3 times in 1 year. Easter, Dad's 50th and sister's 21st.

Annual leave has been booked, so now all we need to do is book teh flights.
Have spent most of the morning looking in Qantas & Virgin air fares.

I've got like a tug-o-war game going on inside my head in regards to going home to Adelaide. i am both nervous and excited about it. noidea72 and gotica are coming with me, so at least i will have moral support, and my folks will see that what we have is real.


oh my, i am bored at the moment, work is really quiet *touch wood* and there are only so many java/flash games that 1 can play.
might go hunt down some manga and read that.


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