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Day 4:
Today we went into Kelowna (town) to do some shopping. We met a really nice couple who offered to come pick us up from the resort and be our taxi for the day.
We got all our shopping done and hung out with Rob and Tera. They are really nice people.
In return, we gave them the extra lift and rental tickets and offered them one of the spare rooms for the night.

When we got back noidea72 and I headed out to Happy Valley (the beginners area). I saw how much progress he had made ☺

Tonight we caught up with another couple and had drinks.

Seemed to be a day of socialising, which turned out well ☺

Day 5:
This morning noidea72 and I went to our lessons. I was having a lot of fun and doing really well. The instructor mention how well I was doing aswell, We were going to do a few more runs then move over to the easier mountain run.
The next run I did, I felt a click in my knee on a turn, I slowed down and knelt into the snow to remove my boot from the board. As soon as my knee touched the snow, shooting pain straight up my leg.
The snow patrol guy came to take me to the Hut (medical centre on the mountain). I got to go for a ride on the toboggan pulled by a snowmobile ☺ that was fun at least, except when we went over a mount in the snow, then a lot of pain.
The doc said it looks like I have inflamed a tendon in my left knee, and after some rest I should be about to go back out on the board in about 48 hours.
Spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch.

Tonight hung out with Rob and Tera who decided to stay and extra day.
We got in the hot tub, which did my knee the world of good. Still pretty swollen, but no where near as much pain.
Still going to rest it tomorrow, and try getting on the board on Tuesday, taking it slow.

Oh I have also uploaded the photos so far to my Flickr account. Here:

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This morning i slept in a bit, someone kept waking me up during the night :p
Went for my first snowboarding lesson just after lunch. It was a lot of fun. I seem to do well until it comes to stopping lol. Thou after the 2 hour lesson, i can stop, slide both heal and toe side, slide forward & backward and also zigzag across the slope. Can't do them very well yet, but at least i fell over less than i did yesterday. After another 2-3 lessons i should be right to hit the mountain, woot! which means i will get 4-5 days of mountain boarding.

After the lesson, came back to the resort and hopped in the hot tub, was definitely a great idea, i used muscles that i haven't used in a while :p
Had a shower and headed back out again, this time watching[ profile] noidea72 and took some nice photos of him. will be uploading them tomorrow night after we go shopping, as we forgot the usb cable for the camera.

Had another really nice dinner out. Now i am full and exhausted. :)

Tomorrow we are heading into town to get a few supplies.

More updates to come *smiles*
Hope all is well back home.

oh and i thought today's KawaiiNot was fitting :p

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today started out a bit depressing, we had planned on heading into Town to get some clothes for snow, ie jackets, pants, boots etc, then we find out that there is no way of getting to town til Saturday unless we want to pay about $80 (Canadian $) each, stuff that :p.
So i ended up finding a nice warm ski jacket here at the resort for $99, woot! the rest of the jackets started out at $220 and ranged up to $800, eek.

we had already decided that we would just stick with our thermals and jeans til Saturday and get some more suitable pants in Kelowna.
We went and hired the boards and boots and the guy was really nice, and mentioned to us that there is a place here that DOES hire out clothes. everyone else that we have spoken to here has said that "nope, no place does rentals for clothes"
So now we have snow jackets and pants. it is much more comfortable than wearing like 4-5 layers of clothing :p
Plus the place that we rented the clothes from also has a store at Silver Star (the next resort we are staying at), so we will also have clothes there, and no headaches trying to organise stuff :p

this afternoon, we hopped on the Gondola and took it down to the bottom of the mountain to the beginners area to test out the boards. Ian decided to ski and me snowboarding.
i fell on my ass, a lot ;p we are having lessons tomorrow morning so that will be good.

anyway heading out to dinner now, will update again soon.
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sitting waiting at Sydney airport. boarding in minutes to Vancouver. Soo tired already, and now a 20 hour flight.

i do like the inflight entertainment system on QANTAS flights. you can choose which movie you wish to watch and you can also pause them :)

will update again once arrive at the resort.


Jan. 26th, 2009 11:14 pm
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This time tomorrow we will be at the airport waiting to board *grins*


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