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Now some people think I'm a loser
'Cause I seldom get things right
But you make me feel like a winner
When you wrap me in your arms so tight
Please tell me you will remember
No matter how much I do wrong
That I had the best of intentions all along

Travis Tritt - Best of Intentions
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Questions i want to find the answers to, i want to look deep inside myself and find these answers.

Who am i?

Who do i want to be?

What do i believe in?
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Just got home...

Had an awesome night out with noidea72 and gotica. It was the first time that the 3 of us have gone out together just to hangout since the breakup.
noidea72 and myself on my bike and gotica on hers. We headed into Freo for coffee then went along the coast to Scarboro. Then on the way home stopped into Perth and had a look at our apartment.

i had a fanastic night, was really nice the 3 of us going out like we used to, i didn't realise how much i had missed it.

very exhausted now, bed time for me.
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*grins* its only taken me a few days to make this post... will be short, as my eyelids are very heavy, yet i can't sleep.

Last week i had a sore throat, and by Friday no more scratchyness, i thought it would pass without me actually getting sick. *shakes head*

Friday afternoon my beautiful girl Elfy and her man came up, and we did the "meet the family" thing with gotica, noidea72 and D. Oh and the puppies :p

Saturday i spent painting the lattice out the front. Covering up a bottle green colour, with a dark grey/blue colour. Looks soo much better.
Gotica and Titch joined me after a while, and were showing off with their tallness :p Titch who could reach the top of the pergola without over stretching, where as i had to climb to the top of the ladder.
It needs another coat, which i will probably do today. i meant to do it yesterday but got distracted :(...
I also helped Gotty paint our front door the same grey/blue colour, it was bright green *ick*...

Saturday night, was the party at goth-kittie's, theres not really much i can say about this, other than i drank way too much, very quickly... anyone who was there will know what i got up to... :)

Sunday was spent recovering and sleeping...

And now i am sick... the sore throat is back with a vengeance and has bought mates.
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[mood| accomplished]

For those of you who don't know yet, i have applied to Notre Dame Uni to study nursing... I sent in my application last week.
Saturday just gone i had to sit a STAT test, so i could get into uni through Mature Age. They say that the results can take 3-4 weeks, and the Uni said that they will not process my application until they have the results, thou i do know some rare cases where applications can be processed on a "probationary" basis, and they never worry about the STAT results.

Well today i got a call from the receptionist at the Nursing Dept. and i have been asked to come in for an interview tomorrow *bounce* so it looks like i may get accepted before i get my STAT results.

i also had a date on Saturday night :) We went to the Court and had a really nice night.
I have spoken to her in MSN for a little while now, but never met her til Saturday. We seemed to hit it off, which was great.

So yay, all is good in my world at the moment. *bounce*


Jul. 4th, 2007 07:20 pm
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yup, i agree with you there Pooch...

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hmmm *ponders* has been a while between posts [exluding memes :p]

i finally took the time at work today to update my lj profile. anything to get out of doing work lol...
now i think it seems more like the person who i am now, rather than the person i was 18 months ago. back then, i hadn't realised some of those parts of me, thou i think sub-consciously i did.

it has now been 12 months since i moved in with noidea72 and gotica. and i hope there are many, many more.

a few months have passed since the Easter incident in Adelaide...
i have spoken to my parents a few times since then, most of the conversations have been what noidea72 calls "weather conversations". i have been waiting for dad to start asking questions, but it seems like he is in denial about it. the phone calls are as if the Easter incident never happened.
i have decided that i am going back to Adelaide in August for dad's 50th. now before i go i am going to try and talk to dad about my lifestyle and relationship with gotica and noidea72.
the issue is trying to word it so that he doesn't get defensive on my too quickly...

and yup to top it all of i have been sick... grrr at bronchitis...
felt like crap for about a week and a half, had a few days off work. was just starting to feel better, and now my throat hurts. at least i am not coughing.

ooh and i went horse-riding with a friend on Tuesday, that was a lot of fun, thou my legs are still feeling it at the moment :(
i hadn't been horse-riding for about 10years.
the horsie that i rode was called Bosow, a very stubborn and lazy horse lol :p but still had a good time...
i would like to go back there soon.

okies, time to get back to work, thou i think i might duck out for a smoke before i do :p
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all in all i feel that we had a very productive weekend :D.

saturday morning gotica and i went to ikea and bought some more floorboards so that she could get more of the dining room floor done... i think it was the shortest trip ever to ikea *grins*
on our way home we stopped by Bunnings and picked up some paint and found a cheap shower...
oh yes we now have a shower which noidea72 and his bro installed on monday.
*skips* i get to have a shower in 24 hours time woo hoo... (have to wait for the silicon to dry)

i spent saturday afternoon attacking the lattice out the front with a wire brush and then painting it.
saturday night noidea72 shouted us coffee and ice-cream in Freo... yay for ColdRock...


on another note, i finally heard from the company that has my laptop... turns out they have found a replacement motherboard. woohoo now just need to wait for it to be sent to Australia and the techs to do some testing on it...
but at this stage looks like i will have my laptop back in about 2 weeks time... then i can start playing WoW again lol :p


9 days til "D" day...
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I had an awesome night out last night... gotica, hannahablaze, cathiis and i went to the movies and saw Ghost Rider...
Really enjoyed the movie, seeing Nicholas Cage on a flaming Hog *grins*. Some of the scenes and the plot could have been slightly better, but overall great movie.

Oh and the popcorn fights. inside the cinemas popcorn was thrown everywhere :p, and when we got outside, noidea72 and gotica dumped the bucket of popcorn over each other...

I haven't bought a large popcorn from the movies before, have normally stuck to the small ones, but last night i thought that i might eat a lot of popcorn... well, oh my god the buckets are huge :D and between four of us, we had 3 buckets of popcorn, hence the left overs were used to throw at each other :)

On another note, the flights to Adelaide for Easter have now been booked and paid for... Just a little over a month before we go. Im not as nervous as i was, but i can still feel the anxiousness slightly...
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So its been a little over 2 years since i have been back to Adelaide, and now going to try to get back 3 times in 1 year. Easter, Dad's 50th and sister's 21st.

Annual leave has been booked, so now all we need to do is book teh flights.
Have spent most of the morning looking in Qantas & Virgin air fares.

I've got like a tug-o-war game going on inside my head in regards to going home to Adelaide. i am both nervous and excited about it. noidea72 and gotica are coming with me, so at least i will have moral support, and my folks will see that what we have is real.


oh my, i am bored at the moment, work is really quiet *touch wood* and there are only so many java/flash games that 1 can play.
might go hunt down some manga and read that.
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Even though i am working today, i have had a pretty awesome weekend.

Started Thursday night, going round to a friends place and watching Buffy episodes.
-yay found someone else who likes Buffy. Yes i am sad, i know :p...

Spent most of Friday in the city, waiting for noidea72 while he had his interview. I really enjoyed sitting in Kings Park reading my book, very relaxing, and was a really nice day for it too.
Friday night, girlfriend came around, and the 4 of us went and played pool. i think it was the worst i have played in a long time, though i did have a lot of fun ;)
After pool we hit the Paddo, ooo AudioPerv lol...
it was amusing dancing on the floor attracting a lot of attention *winks*
Though what was more entertaining was the conversation/discussion bout Polyamory and BDSM with 3 "normal and close minded guys".
i really learnt alot when talking to them...

oooh and gotica and i change my hair colour last night, no more blonde :)
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Hmm haven't updated my LJ in awhile.
Not a lot has happened recently, but at the same time a lot has happened. -Apologies if that didn't make sense, brain not quite working, hopefully you know wot i mean.

After the conversation i had with my parents about my lifestyle, they are still supportive and happy for me, and when i talk to them im being treated like an adult. Which is a big thing for me. yay.

im also making some new friends, who are interested in the same things i am. its great having people to talk to with similar interests.
i have always found meeting new people and making friends difficult. until i get to know people, or people get to know me i can be shy, which ive been told can appear snobbish sometimes. i have been working hard to get over the whole shyness thing.

umm i think thats it for now.
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i had an awesome weekend, well 4 days off to be more precise. Which will be my normal weekend from now on. yay!

noidea and i played touch footy on Wednesday night. Our team lost :( 6-1. i had a lot of fun and i realised how much i miss playing sport.

if any of you have read [ profile] noidea72's lj it has some details of our Friday night at the Paddo. Awesome night *giggles*
-and i didn't have that much to drink either ;)

I had decided that yesterday i was going to make the phone call and tell my parents:
1. that noidea72, gotica and I have bought a unit together
and 2. that i am in a polymory relationship with noidea72 and gotica

my parents really surprised me. They were both very supportive and were very positive about everything. which left me completely confused as soon as i ended the call.
i am soo happy that i have told them, feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

and today im back at work.
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- List things you want to say to people but know you never will.
- Don't say who they are.
- Disable comments.
- Never discuss it again.

*I love you, when i left i did it for me, who are you to punish me for that.

*Grow up, if you're pissed at me, at least have the decency to tell me, don't talk shit behind my back.

*You do NOT control my life. It is my life, i will do with it as i please.

[i may add to this list at a later date]

an update

Nov. 5th, 2006 01:10 pm
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its been a while since i have actually written a post instead of just posting quizzes and shit.

i am sitting here at work, very bored. suppose i shouldn't complain as yesterday was hell busy *sad face*. but unlike when i worked at iiNet, when it was busy yesterday, the day went quicker.
Not bad for my first offical day of shift work lol.

Had an awesome time on Friday night for my birthday, thanks to [ profile] noidea72, [ profile] gotica and Glen. *hugs*
Got to see my fav live band AudioPerv at the Paddo. :)
I think it was the best birthday i've had in a long, long time.

Life Goals

Sep. 13th, 2006 02:35 pm
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Something that has been a dream/plan for me for about 3 years is finally coming to life.
Buying my own home, a 3 bed, 2 bath place.

The unit that we put the offer in for, is very similar if not exactly the image of the house that i had envisioned in my head.

It has been like an emotional rollercoaster of the past week or so...
-OMG we bought a unit.
-how will i breach the subject to my parents/family.

Everything seems to be fitting together really well. I suppose it is just being in the right place at the right time... :D


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