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Sep. 13th, 2006 02:35 pm
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Something that has been a dream/plan for me for about 3 years is finally coming to life.
Buying my own home, a 3 bed, 2 bath place.

The unit that we put the offer in for, is very similar if not exactly the image of the house that i had envisioned in my head.

It has been like an emotional rollercoaster of the past week or so...
-OMG we bought a unit.
-how will i breach the subject to my parents/family.

Everything seems to be fitting together really well. I suppose it is just being in the right place at the right time... :D
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My tax return came in this morning. And that should cover most of my bills. :D
Wasn't as lucky as Gotica, getting more than the estimated amount. But im happy with the amount i got back.

Had a awesome weekend. Anyone whos read noidea72's lj would hav heard bout my knee.
Yup, when your drunk you really don't feel pain. lol :p
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I completed my tax return on Friday night, and hopefully I will be getting enough back to cover most of the bills that accumulated when i was out of work. Time to get my head back above water.
It will be so nice, not to have people chasing me for money. And I'll feel better, not owing money.

I'm now into the 2nd week of work. Yet, i'm not actually doing any work.
Because of the security, I have to wait for my full clearance to come through.
They believe that it should come in this week, which will be great. Then i can take some calls and do emails. After my last job, never thought i'd be so excited about taking calls.

So it seems, that everything in my life at the moment is slowly working out. I just hope that it keeps going this way. :)


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