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just booked our tickets to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End...

Won't be going on the day it premieres as tickets sold out fast :(

but we are going La Premiere, so that kinda makes up for it...

yay... have been waiting almost 12 months to see this.

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I had an awesome night out last night... gotica, hannahablaze, cathiis and i went to the movies and saw Ghost Rider...
Really enjoyed the movie, seeing Nicholas Cage on a flaming Hog *grins*. Some of the scenes and the plot could have been slightly better, but overall great movie.

Oh and the popcorn fights. inside the cinemas popcorn was thrown everywhere :p, and when we got outside, noidea72 and gotica dumped the bucket of popcorn over each other...

I haven't bought a large popcorn from the movies before, have normally stuck to the small ones, but last night i thought that i might eat a lot of popcorn... well, oh my god the buckets are huge :D and between four of us, we had 3 buckets of popcorn, hence the left overs were used to throw at each other :)

On another note, the flights to Adelaide for Easter have now been booked and paid for... Just a little over a month before we go. Im not as nervous as i was, but i can still feel the anxiousness slightly...


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