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wow it has been ages since i have been on lj...

i am currently 2 exams down and 3 to go. i can't believe how quick my first semester has gone, it feels like only a few weeks ago i was bouncing because i got accepted lol.

i have been getting awesome grades for my assignments too which is really great. i feel it has given me a lot more confidence in my studies and stuff.

now i should stop procrastinating and continue studying for tomorrows exam.
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i did it... I AM IN!!!

i got a letter of offer and acceptance late yesterday from Notre Dame... I can't believe it was so quick, i mean i only saw them on Friday morning, and the chick behind the desk mentioned about a 2 week wait. OMG a day later, woohoo...

Enrollment is on Wednesday, so I will take my forms in before that.

*bounce bounce* i am soo happy. My life plan is falling into place.
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i have sure taken my time posting about this, but well you get that lol...

On Thursday i got my STAT results. i wouldn't say i did fantastic but i did a lot better than i thought i would. yay go me *grins*
so on Friday i took the results to the Uni. I mention to the chick behind the desk that i have submitted an application already and they just require these results to finish processing it. I ask her approximately how long it will take for me to find out if i get accepted. Her response was that in about a week i will receive a receipt stating that the uni has received my STAT results, and about a week after that i will receive my enrollment details. i was shocked, it sounds like they already have accepted me. so i will wait the 2 weeks to find out. but definitely sounds promising...

an added bonus is that a friend of noidea72's has lent me her books for the first year, so yay don't have to fork out money for books.
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For those of you who don't know yet, i have applied to Notre Dame Uni to study nursing... I sent in my application last week.
Saturday just gone i had to sit a STAT test, so i could get into uni through Mature Age. They say that the results can take 3-4 weeks, and the Uni said that they will not process my application until they have the results, thou i do know some rare cases where applications can be processed on a "probationary" basis, and they never worry about the STAT results.

Well today i got a call from the receptionist at the Nursing Dept. and i have been asked to come in for an interview tomorrow *bounce* so it looks like i may get accepted before i get my STAT results.

i also had a date on Saturday night :) We went to the Court and had a really nice night.
I have spoken to her in MSN for a little while now, but never met her til Saturday. We seemed to hit it off, which was great.

So yay, all is good in my world at the moment. *bounce*


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