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Nov. 21st, 2006 03:47 pm
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There is a guy at work, who seems to be pissing off almost everyone in the office.
He appears to have a lot of trouble doing just the basic of the jobs we are required to do.
we say that we will help him out, but needs to let us know.

our emails for example; when we receive an email with have 30min from the time received to log and remove the email from the inbox.
-i admit that sometimes the emails can come in pretty fast, but thats rarely, but most people are happy to help out every now and then as long as u say u need a hand.
this guy leaves it til the last minute to say that he needs a hand and we end up breaking our SLA's if people are on the phones.
not only that, he takes himself off the phones to do the emails, so he has no "distractions", yet the emails still don't get done on time.

he also insists on calling the users after email he receives. ok normally this would be good customer service, but when the user has emailed all the information required, a reply via email should be sufficient, if you really want to contact them.
btw, after we log a call, an automatic email is sent to the user.

not only is this affecting his work, but also everyone else in the office, as we are picking up his slack aswell as trying to do our own work.

i think i need to speak with my manager about this issue. not to cause trouble, but to make him aware of whats happening, to maybe get this guy some training, or work out a solution.

-thats the end of my vent.


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