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today was an interesting and freaky day at work...

we were using a hoist to lift a patient, when we noticed sparks coming from the hoist, suddenly there was smoke everywhere and then... whoosh flames... the hoist had caught alight...

i discovered that electrical fires smell really bad... and the smoke stays on your clothes...

luckily the patient didn't get hurt.
i just inhaled a lot of smoke, which of course made my cough worse :\

the sparks and fire was kinda pretty thou...
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It is days like today that i realise that i am going to make a fantastic nurse.

2 of the ol' fellas i was caring for today, were really sweet. 1 of them told me that i was too nice and smart to be a nurse.
The other wanted me as his daughter-in-law lol...
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so i am back at work after almost 2 weeks of annual leave.
-work has now put me back on day shifts for a month...

i went back to Adelaide, for my father's birthday. thou this time i went alone.
things didn't go as bad as i had though they might. which is a relief.

being bored at work, led me to create a Facebook and MySpace account. eek :/
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OMG work this morning has been hectic... at 8am this morning Outlook Exchange goes down, this affects all our users and is a super high priority *races around logging incidents and calling techs etc, all the while trying to answer the phones telling the users that outlook is down for the entire state*

so the we spend the next 2 hours trying to work out what the problem is...

then a tech finds an email sitting on the server; a luser last night tried to send a 1.12Gig email though. WTF!?! *face palm*
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I completed my tax return on Friday night, and hopefully I will be getting enough back to cover most of the bills that accumulated when i was out of work. Time to get my head back above water.
It will be so nice, not to have people chasing me for money. And I'll feel better, not owing money.

I'm now into the 2nd week of work. Yet, i'm not actually doing any work.
Because of the security, I have to wait for my full clearance to come through.
They believe that it should come in this week, which will be great. Then i can take some calls and do emails. After my last job, never thought i'd be so excited about taking calls.

So it seems, that everything in my life at the moment is slowly working out. I just hope that it keeps going this way. :)
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As of Friday I now work at Kinetic IT :)

I now hav a full time job again. YAY
As much as i liked not having a job and could do whatever during the days, not having money was really starting to get at me.
And now I have a job that i think i will really like doing.
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I finally got a call from Kinetic IT today, and i managed to get a second interview. YAY :)
Then the day got even better, I also have an interview on Monday for a different company.

Though, I would really like this job with Kinetic IT. Sounds like an awesome position.
The interview is on Thursday, so i will keep you posted.


Jun. 22nd, 2006 08:10 pm
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Well today i had a job interview with Kinetic IT. Seem to go well.
Was nervous as hell this morning, but relaxed a little bit once the interview got started :)

The second round of interviews start on Monday. (Fingers crossed)


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