Jan. 1st, 2009

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Finally making my New Years post, only a day late *grins*

I had a really good night, noidea72 and i went to Scarborough beach and watched the waves while talking about our future and what we would do if we won lotto, i like having those conversations.

Then we went to Kings Park so that we could watch the fireworks. mmm naughty fun in Kings Park *grins*
We ended up sitting at a gazebo overlooking the narrows. It was a fantastic spot to watch the fireworks. It was a bonus noone else was there. The funniest part was that at 23:56 a cop pulled a car over on the narrows :p and it wasn't till after midnight that the cops left. We were laughing at the different scenarios, ie the cop pulled them over so that they could watch teh fireworks and see the New Year in, another was so that they could be the first to fine someone in '09... rofl...

overall it was a great night, i would have liked to spend it with gotica and greenforest_elf too, but things didn't work out that way *sad face*

New Years day i got a phone call from my grandmother, had a nice chat with her. and then she asked how i felt about what was happening in my sisters life... i had no idea what she was talking about. She then informed me that my sister has bought a house with her boyfriend and that they move in in April and that they are planning on being engaged before they move in. She was very shocked and surprised that i didn't know, 1, that my sister didn't tell me and 2, my folks didn't tell me. i wasn't all that surprised, but still hurts like hell. i mean, we didn't have a close relationship before, but things keep happening which just puts more distance between us. like i didn't get anything for my birthday or Christmas from them, not even an sms from my sister. i am a gift person, for those of you that know the 5 love languages www.fivelovelanguages.com/learn.html
My grandma knows this about me, and was once again shocked when she asked me what i got from them, and i said "nothing"...

So the first day of '09 was a very emotional day, i didn't even feel up to going to the get together at linstar and leahcim's place. noidea72 and gotica were supportive when i got off the phone and gave me some good suggestions on what i could send to mum and dad.
Thinking positively, the year can only get better *smiles*

And on good note, its only 3 and a bit weeks til noidea72 and i go to Canada for 10 days, woooooot!!!!!!!


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