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*grins* its only taken me a few days to make this post... will be short, as my eyelids are very heavy, yet i can't sleep.

Last week i had a sore throat, and by Friday no more scratchyness, i thought it would pass without me actually getting sick. *shakes head*

Friday afternoon my beautiful girl Elfy and her man came up, and we did the "meet the family" thing with gotica, noidea72 and D. Oh and the puppies :p

Saturday i spent painting the lattice out the front. Covering up a bottle green colour, with a dark grey/blue colour. Looks soo much better.
Gotica and Titch joined me after a while, and were showing off with their tallness :p Titch who could reach the top of the pergola without over stretching, where as i had to climb to the top of the ladder.
It needs another coat, which i will probably do today. i meant to do it yesterday but got distracted :(...
I also helped Gotty paint our front door the same grey/blue colour, it was bright green *ick*...

Saturday night, was the party at goth-kittie's, theres not really much i can say about this, other than i drank way too much, very quickly... anyone who was there will know what i got up to... :)

Sunday was spent recovering and sleeping...

And now i am sick... the sore throat is back with a vengeance and has bought mates.


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