Jan. 29th, 2009

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today started out a bit depressing, we had planned on heading into Town to get some clothes for snow, ie jackets, pants, boots etc, then we find out that there is no way of getting to town til Saturday unless we want to pay about $80 (Canadian $) each, stuff that :p.
So i ended up finding a nice warm ski jacket here at the resort for $99, woot! the rest of the jackets started out at $220 and ranged up to $800, eek.

we had already decided that we would just stick with our thermals and jeans til Saturday and get some more suitable pants in Kelowna.
We went and hired the boards and boots and the guy was really nice, and mentioned to us that there is a place here that DOES hire out clothes. everyone else that we have spoken to here has said that "nope, no place does rentals for clothes"
So now we have snow jackets and pants. it is much more comfortable than wearing like 4-5 layers of clothing :p
Plus the place that we rented the clothes from also has a store at Silver Star (the next resort we are staying at), so we will also have clothes there, and no headaches trying to organise stuff :p

this afternoon, we hopped on the Gondola and took it down to the bottom of the mountain to the beginners area to test out the boards. Ian decided to ski and me snowboarding.
i fell on my ass, a lot ;p we are having lessons tomorrow morning so that will be good.

anyway heading out to dinner now, will update again soon.


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